Bible studies and Sunday worship services:

  • 35 weekly Bible studies / chaplain groups
    • Group teaching and discussion
    • Answer questions
    • Pray with individuals
    • Listen, and share advice
    • Build relationships that show the love and care of Christ
  • Memorial services and pastoral care
  • Meet with individuals who are in, or have been in a correction facility
  • Participate in fun activities, service projects, and church in the community
  • Be a spiritual guide and life coach for an at-risk teen
  • Build God-honoring relationships with individuals
Contact teen by phone or mail after they return home

Provide Literature
  • Literature for use in facility
  • Literature to keep
    • Bibles
    • Discipleship workbooks
    • Devotional books
    • Books written specifically for incarcerated youth
    • Other resources
Special Projects
  • Christmas Gift Bags
  • Christmas Pizza Party
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Food baskets for families in need