Teens speak up about the ministry:


“I will miss talking with you and the other chaplains that go there.  Yeah I believe God gives us and shows a lot of things that we use to grow and help fight our battles in life.  I think we just gotta know how to use them and it depends on how we see and interpret a lot of things.  But I thank him for helping me see a better way and sending people, the Bible, and things in my life to help me fight these everyday battles.  I really miss JDC, the staff, you, and other chaplains.”

-Teen girl who was sentanced to adult prison


“I hope you’re teaching the girls in detention about God like you taught me.  I’ve been reading so much of the Bible right now that I really feel like I know Jesus.  He’s an amazing person.  His words are deep and passionate.  I love his words of wisdom”  -Teen girl


 “God is so amazing.  I’m glad to be a believer of God.  I love him very much.  I’ve asked him to come into my life, and take over.  He has promised us eternal life and unconditional love. I’m scared that when I get out of placement I’ll leave him behind like last year.  I don’t want to call his name only when I need something to go my way.  I want him to stay, and I want to change.” 


–Teen girl who was in detention, and is now in a facility in another state

 "Thanks for coming out and showing us you really care about our future. And thanks for telling us the good word. " ~Teen in detention  


  "Thank you for coming and helping me see between the lines and God is the only way. I really appreciate you guys for coming." ~Teen in long-term facility

"Thank you for warming my heart. What I mean by that is, you were here three times a week to provide positive knowledge to my brain that I think will help me to succeed when I leave here." ~Teen in detention

"It is not the gifts that made us smile; it was the fact that someone cared enough to do it." ~Teen who received Christmas Gift bag